Responsible practices

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While we like to have fun, KidWind takes responsible business practices very seriously. While our customers are the main focus, we foster a culture of caring for our employees and constantly strive to reduce our impact on the environment. Our main efforts are listed below:

  • We assemble all KidWind kits in Saint Paul, MN, and almost all of our materials are sourced in the USA. (Seriously, if you can find a good DC motor made in the USA, please call us at 877-917-0079.)
  • The Adult Training and Habilitation Center (ATHC) assembles some parts in our kits.
  • 100% of our office and warehouse electricity is supplied by Wind Power through Xcel Energy's WindSource Program.
  • Almost all plastic molded components used in our products are manufactured by Harbec Plastics using 60% post-consumer recycled plastic resins in New York, USA. The Harbec production plant is powered by an on-site wind turbine.
  • Most of our wooden components are sourced from FSC certified renewable woods.
  • WindWise Curriculum binders and lessons are printed at Phoenix Press using FSC certified paper and environmentally friendly inks. Phoenix Press also has an on-site wind turbine to power their operations.
  • Holiday lights used in our products are from recycled or donated sources.
  • Office and Warehouse staff are committed to sustainable commuting practices. We encourage bicycling, using public transportation, or carpooling to work at KidWind.
  • We purchase carbon offsets for our air travel to workshops, challenges, and other events when available.