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Free workshops by master trainers are the best way to impact student understanding of a clean energy future.

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Our free curriculum WindWise and other resources help teachers organize a wind energy curriculum.

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Browse this website to learn all about wind. Or find us on facebook and follow us on our twitter page.


Our wind turbine competitions are the best ways for students to engage and learn about wind energy.

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minds to engage in 324 days (1M year-end goal)

We measure this approximate value by aggregating 5 metrics.

  • 1. The number of teachers trained through KidWind workshop events.
  • 2. The number of students each of these teachers work with annually.
  • 3. The number of students and teachers participating in KidWind Challenges and other outreach events.
  • 4. The number of clean energy kits we distribute globally.
  • 5. The involvement of our web community through learning about clean energy and downloading our lessons and curricular materials.

From the Director – A decade of KidWind!

In the year 2000, when I was a middle school teacher in Monterey, California, I began to dream about how to inspire more teachers and students to learn about clean energy science and technology. I founded KidWind in 2002 out of my apartment basement. A decade later, this dream has blossomed into an international project that has trained over 7000 teachers and impacted more than 500,000 students. Our data shows that we have helped teachers and students build over 50,000 experimental wind turbines.

KidWind has wildly surpassed my expectations for engaging teachers and students in clean energy science. From the first teacher workshop I led in Maine for 30 participants in the summer of 2004, to the 2,000 plus teachers and students we worked with all over the world in 2011, I am living out a dream job every day.

While it began in my classroom, I have not done it alone. KidWind’s growth and impact is the result of a fantastic staff, excellent teachers, and visionary funders.

As I look forward to 2012, I hope our organization’s impact continues to grow as we lead the world to a more responsible energy future.

Michael Arquin
Director/Founder KidWind

Our guarantee

KidWind’s renewable energy kits are exceptionally different.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of responsibility when it comes to our customers, our products, our employees, the community at large, and the environment. If you have a problem, question or idea we want you to call us. We care and we want to make sure that you “get” it.

We will always keep our documents and resources free, provide excellent support for our products, source most (and assemble all) of our kits in the USA using responsible practices where available.

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We're a network

In addition to our Saint Paul staff, we have trainers (WindSenators), partners, and supporters all over the United States and the world. This network of educational leaders helps us produce robust and effective educational products.

Want to join our network and start making an impact? Start small and add yourself to our newsletter list. Got an idea? Send us a note!

Want to connect with a local expert? Contact a WindSenator!

Why isn’t KidWind a non-profit?

As the director, I often get this question. KidWind actually began as a non-profit, but about 7 years ago I decided to make a change. I was tired of chasing grants. It was unsustainable, did not scale, and constrained our vision. I decided that we could fund all of the good work we wanted to do by reinvesting a large percentage of our profits from the goods and services we provide.

By leveraging these dollars with support from external partners, we are able to run free workshops for educators, give away free equipment to teachers and students, and run KidWind Challenges at no cost for participants.

Is it more challenging for us? You bet! But it makes our impact much greater. Over the past 7 years we have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in goods and services and we hope to donate more every year.

We know that you, as a customer, have many choices when it comes to buying educational products. When you purchase products at KidWind your dollars support the education of the next generation through outreach to teachers and students all over the world.

The impact

Although green STEM education is the trend these days, KidWind has been the leader of clean energy education for nearly a decade. While there are other organizations offering clean energy educational materials, KidWind has often provided the seeds for their development.

We are proud that KidWind has the best teacher training, best product support and the most comprehensive array of well-priced materials for teachers and students. We are delighted to share the impact of our efforts to engage students and educate the public about clean energy over the last 10 years:

  • Numbers of Free Workshops for Teachers > 250
  • Numbers of Teachers Trained > 7,000
  • Numbers of Experimental Wind Turbines Made > 50,000
  • KidWind Challenges Sponsored > 30
  • Number of WindSenators = 66 (In 21 states, Canada, Chile, and Ireland)
  • Number of Students Impacted > 500,000

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